20 Hour Experiment Day 1

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OK, Yesterday I skimmed some "how to draw" books and watched 3-4 videos. Presumably, this gave me enough to get started and to "self edit" I got some warm ups from one video and advice on sketching from another. Still another talked about the basic shapes and ideas.

I brought up my "goal picture" though I had no intention of trying to actually draw it today or any time soon. It was there as a reminder. Also, I wanted to start seeing the basic shapes. My goal was to just fill a page with practice of some of the stuff I'd gotten form the research. No erasers.

With my 45 minute timer going, I started the warm ups. I put some more or less random dots on the page and connected them with curves. Then I put parallel rows of dots and connected the with straight lines. I filled those spaces in with ellipses. I moved on to putting shapes inside the ellipses, playing with ye olde 3-D shapes.

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I played with creating shapes out of multiple passes - not trying to complete a circle or square with just one line, but many, gradually refining the shapes. It was surprisingly easy that way, and it gave the kind of energy to the shapes I always love in others' sketches.

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I kept drawing over the warm-ups, just playing with forms and I found I could do a pretty decent hat with a couple shapes. Anyway, I ended up moving on to a second blank sheet, just putting marks on paper and trying to expand on them with what I'd learned.
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There it is. the first of 30 45-minute practice sessions. I'll keep going back to videos and books as time permits, so I have new things to try.

What did you make today? Love to see your progress!

Happy haunting!