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There is something inside my brain that I seem unable to turn off. When I say I cannot do something or do not know how it is done, it won't leave me alone.

Fortunately, in this information age, I can usually just use a search engine and find out. When I wrote last week's blog entry, I mentioned that making fluid flow upwards was beyond me. It was meant to be kind of amusing, not really a serious challenge.

By the time I was finished, I realized my brain had been working on it anyway. I started thinking about ferrofluid. Of COURSE we can make a ferrofluid flow upward! It's actually perfect, because it's black already and moves in unnatural ways.

Here's a video of a ferrofluid clock doing just that:

If you look up Ferrolic Clock you'll find videos of a commercially available clock. It costs 7,500 or so, so I chose to post the DIY video instead. What I like about the DIY version is that theoretically you should be able to make is spell anything, and even do rough images, like maybe a hand print or skull. But I digress.

The point is you CAN make fluid flow upward. You'll probably want to make some ferrofluid. You can find plenty of instruction on that. For example, this one. Or this one.

Once you have it, it should not be tough to put some magnets on a belt behind the image. The belt turns, the ferrofluid follows the magnet. Voila! Anti-gravity fluid. You'll probably want to make a sandwich of ferrofluid between two sheets of glass. Any photographs would be behind the glass, so the fluid is completely isolated. Yes, I could see you making eyes bleed black ichor that flows up through some clever engineering.

Happy haunting!