Scare Box and Drop Panel?

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Here's a video showing how to build a "scare box", which I understand originated in Amish country 150 years ago:

I have been wondering if one could not use this basic concept turned 90 degrees to make a drop panel?

It would have to be sturdy material, for sure. Ideally, it would trigger a sound as well. The monster would not need to pass the window - though I think it is was an old mophead, if could...

Why? I was thinking this would allow completely inhuman monsters in the drop panel. Sure, it could be a spider, but it could be ANYTHING, really. Starting with this design, the drop panel could even be designed to be triggered automatically. If one built a mechanism to reset it, no actor required!

Even if you used an operator/actor, that person could ALSO be made up to do a different scare in an adjacent room - without anyone knowing it was the same person.

Could this work? What are the pros and cons you see?

Happy Haunting!