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Sometimes the "hacks" posted on the web actually prove to be interesting for haunters. Here are a few I think you might like:

Stuff an old tissue box with shopping bags. I often use these bags for garbage, of course. I also use them for painting sometimes. This seems like a nice way to keep them convenient and neat.
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Did you know you can connect two ziplock bags to make a double size bag? You turn one inside out, then you can connect them! This could be useful for storing props. Or sub sandwiches, I guess.
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Using a bread tab to find the end of the tape is a pretty spiffy idea. Yes, you could ALSO fold the end so two sticky surfaces make a tab too. It is good to be able to find the end of the tape quickly.

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The picture below is supposed to demonstrate using a magnetic strip as a bracelet so you don't lose the screws. That seems pretty cool. Some duct tape and a magnets might be a good way to create a magnetic bracelet.

Using tape to create an easy pour spout is a nice way o keep the cans neat when painting panels.

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This is a pretty nice two-tips-in-one! First, use a shopping bag in the paint pan to minimize cleanup. Then, put than pan in a box to minimize mess from drips.

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What are your favorite tricks?