Haunting Conversations

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I found something interesting. If you try to do a search for conversational styles, you may find a list of 4, 5, 8 or more, depending on how conversational style is defined. "So WHAT?!?!", I can hear the virtual audience cry out. Is this about haunting or what?
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Well, maybe we can think about scare acting in terms similar to conversation styles. For example, maybe you choose a list that says the 4 styles are push, pull, stop, and allow.
Push might be the actor shouting "Get OUT!" - although most of us agree it should never actually be "get out!". It should be an actor driving the herd through the haunt aggressively.
Pull might be the actor drawing them forward. "Come in and see my wonderful toys!"
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Stop might be a victim begging them for help, or an actor trying to direct attention one place so a scare can come from another.
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Allow might be more passive, more of a victim who has accepted his fate, slowly being devoured by spiders or something. This too could be a setup for a scare.

What do you think? Am I totally off base here? What other kinds of scare actor/patron interactions are there?

Happy Haunting!