April Fool's Day Pranks for Haunters

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Haunters love to scare people. I really don't think that's a controversial statement.
So, naturally, it seems that haunters would LOVE to scare people on the one day of the year when it is acceptable OUTSIDE of Halloween - April 1.

In that spirit, here are some things you might try:

Do you work in an office with a shared refrigerator? Here's a great opportunity to use a prop you may already have!
Don't already have a head in a jar? Follow this Instructable and you'll be the talk of the HR office!

While you're at the office, why not make a show of eating a tasty, moldy sandwich?
A bit of green - and maybe blue? - food coloring will do the trick. Could be good to prevent office thieves from eating your food, too!
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Looking to prank someone at home? You probably have some plastic bugs. These can be left in surprising places - under the toilet seat, in the cupboard, on the dashboard, or maybe inside a lampshade!
If you don't have plastic bugs, it's pretty easy to cut out some bug silhouettes and tape them inside a lampshade.
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So take your rubber snake - you DO have a rubber snake, right? - and put her somewhere one does not usually find snakes.
If you live with someone who makes salads every morning, maybe a snake in the crisper? Or on a co-worker's chair. Or in the produce section at Wal-Mart. Bonus - Wal-Mart sells rubber snakes, so you should be able to just relocate one of those for the prank!
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Maybe you've seen the one where you print a picture of a spider on some blank sheets of paper and put them in the copier. When your victim reviews the copies, you will hear it!
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A variation of this, which worked for me WAAYYY better than I expected, was the ghost. I simply printed an image like the one below on a blank piece of paper:
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I then slipped it into the office printer. Not on top, of course. A few sheets down.
When the documents printed, the ghostly image really freaked out the lady who printed it. She took it to her supervisor. He took it to the manager of IT, who swore she had no idea how that could have come from the printer. It really made the rounds. When I left that place a couple years later, the mysterious page was still pinned to the supervisor's wall - a mystery they never unraveled.

What ideas do YOU have in mind for a Haunty April 1?