Clown Hunter

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The oddity in the picture sparked an idea. I have heard of vampire hunters, witch hunters or even werewolf hunters. Why not a clown hunter?

If creepy clowns are evil monsters, what's to stop some upstanding sociopath from hunting them?

Or...What's to stop some psychopath who BELIEVES clowns are evil from becoming a clown hunter?

A quick Google search reveals that - surprise, surprise - I am not the first to think of this.

Still, this might be an interesting character in a haunt, no? Let's say the haunt's theme does not lend itself to clowns. Might there be a spot where a clown comes charging down the hall anyway? Now, maybe it seems non sequitur at that moment, but suppose you later enter the lair of the clown hunter from which the clown had just escaped? Maybe painted clown's faces adorn the walls. Maybe torn and bloody clown costumes lay in a pile near the door.

Of course, that's just one scenario. You could have a clown hunter character show up in a circus themed haunt. Or your hillbilly could be obsessed with hunting and killing clowns - even if he has to capture people and paint them as clowns himself!

I just thought it might be an interesting character and scene. Do you think you could make a whole haunt around the idea? How would you use it?

Happy Haunting!

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