Dark Artist Scott Radke

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For Your Consideration.

Cleveland-based artist Scott Radke creates creepy sculptures from clay, fabric and human hair, inspired by his subconscious imagery and influenced by nature.

Radke has experimented with various media throughout his life and currently focuses on the creation of sculptural bizarre creatures with an unusually dark innocence, exploring animal-human hybrid.

His marionettes have been featured in films including Voices In My Head, a BBC documentary, Desolation Sound, God in the Machine, and Birthday Massacre’s music video, Blue.

Radke states: “A lot of what I do is like daydreaming. If you’re a writer, I imagine you would daydream in stories and words, but mine are more image oriented – shapes, colors, animals, faces, and textures. I just clump them all together and add and subtract along the way until something feels balanced and complete.”
See more bizzare marionettes on Radke’s website.
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