Fright Masks! Crooked Crow

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Masks! Quicker than makeup, funny or spooky, and generally fun!
Everyone loves the extremely detailed "hero" masks made out of silicone or even latex. These are great for characters that will be interacting in the queue line or on TV spots. If you're just using it in a darkened room where it will be visible for mere seconds, you want something that makes an impression QUICK, right?

IMO, there is no need for hyper realistic of finely detailed masks inside the haunt. Crooked Crow masks are definitely works of art, but from my perspective, they paint in the broad strokes that people can take in and react to quickly.

I probably shouldn't say this, but they certainly look like the kinds of masks a haunter could knock out 5 or 6 of in a weekend or two. I'm sure the homemade versions would not be of the quality of the real thing. For a simple scare mask, though, I think Crooked Crow serves as some fine inspiration.

A relatively simple blank mask would serve admirably as a base upon which grotesque forms made of coroplast or burlap could be formed.
The burlap rabbit is sometimes made of a really loose weave burlap and sometimes a very tight weave. No rules. Just have fun

Happy Haunting!