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Engulfed Guest Scare

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This is just an idea that popped into my head. In a haunt, what if one of the walls was composed of brushes angled away from the guests, like a fish trap?

The wall is actually part of a 3 sided room on a track. You push the wall forward and walls some along with it. When extended, the guest has been swallowed up by the wall, and is now in an alternate corridor.

Blue circle is patron:
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The brush trap slides in the direction of the arrow, engulfing the patron, who is now given only one option for travel:
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I imagine you'd need a way to keep the patron from running away. Another option is maybe you scare them into it?

It seems like an interesting way to trap guests, or even to separate someone from their group for a short time. Their group would go along the "normal" route, and the one in the trap would be all alone in s short diversion.

Any thoughts on this? Have you ever seen anything like it in use?

Happy haunting!