Arizona Myths and Legends Part 2

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Continuing last week's entry with some perhaps lesser known spooks and specters to inspire your haunt!

“La Mujere Errante” - the Wandering Woman at the Door

62-year-old Mrs. Martinez was found murdered in her home, where she lived alone, on September 16th, 1992, the victim of a clean shot through the eyehole of her front door. No arrests were ever made The Wandering Woman is described as wearing a light blue frock, the late night garb Ms. Martinez was found in. She wanders from door to door, knocking late at night, and waiting for a victim to answer. If one is so unlucky to not only have her visit, but also to be dumb enough to open the door, it is said that the Wandering Woman rushes into your house, where she takes something of great value from the household. People who have lost limbs claim to have had recent encounters with the ghost.

Ghost Girl

Legend tells the story of a little girl whose ghost can be seen at various locations around Phoenix. Most commonly, she appears on 5th Avenue (around Rosemont and Fillmore). Her spirit also tends to roam around 17th Avenue and Grant, and 19th Avenue and Camelback. But just who is she?

According to urban legend, sometime around 1995 the young girl was struck by a car, and the driver of the vehicle fled the scene. The 5th Avenue sightings are reportedly more vivid since this is the precise spot where the little girl allegedly died. Many Phoenix locals believe that the girl appears in a quest to identify her killer.

Jojo's Alley

While many people speculate about the precise location of "Jojo's Alley" , AKA "Dog Boy Alley", some believe that the alley is off of E. Circle Street (little more than half a mile off of 7th Street). Oleanders eerily line both sides of this little alley where paranormal activity is said to take place. According to urban legend, lights appear out of nowhere and flash at anyone who is brave enough to drive down the alley. Some people even claim that you can hear the sound of fist beating on the car roof.

The Phoenix Lights

In 1997, a famous alleged UFO sighting occurred. Unlike most sightings, however, this one was reported by thousands of people all within the same time frame. Two sets of lights were said to be in a triangle-like formation that slowly moved across the sky. Even the governor of Arizona saw the lights and thought of them as “otherworldly.” Of course, the Air Force later said the second pair of lights were flares dropped from an aircraft during an exercise… but that doesn’t explain the first set, does it?

NAU Ghost

During Christmas Break of 1953, a student at North Arizona University named Kathy was depressed and so poor she couldn’t afford a trip home. She ended up hanging herself and was discovered by the cleaning lady. Her spirit is reportedly still around and causing all sorts of disturbances. Lights go on and off, strange smells pop up, and people have even seen her from time to time. Her favorite pranks are pulling blankets off people who live on her old floor. There have also been reports of her locking girls in the bathroom though the bathroom doesn’t actually have a lock.

Ajo Couple
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A newlywed couple was driving through Ajo, AZ, in the 1950s on the way to their honeymoon at Lake Tahoe. Unfortunately, they were driving at night and didn’t see a huge boulder in front of them until their car slammed into it, killing them both. It’s been said that if you drive around the area at midnight, you’ll encounter their car with the couple alongside it trying to call for help.

Have you got a good local ghost story to share? Have you used any to inspire your haunt?

Happy Haunting!