Tearing Down Walls

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What if there were no walls defining scenes?
A huge warehouse, pitch black.
Lights in each scene ONLY on the props/actors.
First scene lights up, maybe a scare, then lights go out and another scene a few feet away lights up. Path is illuminated. Noises from the dark behind.
With planning, scenes could be far apart, paths could double back.
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Gray areas are not traveled by patrons, so actors can use them.

Throughput would be limited, since no new group could enter until previous group finishes.

Throughput might be increased by adding some barriers between sections, and letting in the next group when the first finishes the first 1/3

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Would it be possible and feasible to create a haunt that guides people through basically an open room using light, sound, and scares? Has this been done anywhere before?

Happy haunting!