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This is not a blog about whiteout haunts. A whiteout haunt is the reverse of a blackout haunt. It's easier, because instead of making everything pitch black, you fill a room with fog and light and people cannot see anything. This blog is not about that.

This is about how weird and surreal having all white sets, characters, etc. can be.

An all white room takes on all the color of the lights, so it's simple and quick to switch the light and make a room all red, for example. How cool if an actor could do that just as she scares the patrons?

All white characters look more like specters. They also are hard to tell apart. If you only have a few actors, patrons may not be able to tell if you have 4 or 14!

Albino animals are freaky, too. We expect brown squirrels and vultures, black bats, green snakes, black crows, brown owls, green gators and spiders of nearly every hue. When they are pure white with weird pink eyes, it's freaky, no?

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To me, part of this is about doing the unexpected. people expect a haunt to be all dark, with lots of black and red. The white is jarring. There is a theory that clowns freak people out because in nature, bright colors represent danger. An albino seems to me to be similar. They cannot hide. While in the real world albino bats may be at a huge disadvantage, the idea that one is so badass it does not need the cover of camouflage is unnerving.

An all-white haunted house might be a bit much, but one or two scenes might be enough to keep people off balance. Something worth considering.

Happy haunting!


  1. Godzilla's Avatar
    Now you are really getting me thinking. I was working on a gray scale idea, but the white idea is definitely worthy of considering. I was considering the gray in an effort to brighten up a room in a darker haunt, but now I have to consider white as a possibility too.
    Thanks for giving me more work LOL.
  2. JustJimAZ's Avatar
    Glad to be of service!