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Cheap Characters

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You say you need to stretch your haunt budget as far as possible and not spend a fortune on character costumes? You are in luck!

With a bit of planning, you can create a great haunt with pretty inexpensive costuming!

Ghosts / Spirits
You could do a paranormal themed haunt where all the characters are ghosts. No blood or gore, and the makeup is pretty simple. Check out the makeup used in Carnival of Souls for inspiration:

Alternatively, everyone could wear a cheap and anonymous blank mask. There is something unnerving about the anonymity of these masks. As a bonus, if everyone is wearing all black and these masks, you can have the same actors in multiple scenes and no one will know!

Simple Masks

Maybe you write a story for your haunt where everyone is insane or disfigured - maybe by a mad doctor! Just covering their heads with flour sacks with rough eye holes is a creepy look. Use beautiful flower print sacks some times, properly distressed, to up the surreal / uncanny factor.

How simple are scrubs and surgical masks? Cheap. Add some hospital gowns and you have characters! Maybe put someone in a a dress shirt that is way too large for them. Put in on backwards, cross their arms, and tie the sleeves together in the back. Looks like a straitjacket!

Nothing too complex or expensive about hillbilly costumes. Just old, worn and dirty clothes. a bit of makeup on their faces to suggest dirt, maybe some tooth black. You've got a creepy cast for very little dough!

I almost hate to mention this, but clowns are pretty cheap. It doesn't take much in the way of makeup or even costuming to come up with a cast of clowns. Sure, you can creepify some, but in the end, it's their bright colors and garish behavior that wigs people out.

That's what I have this week.
What are some of your favorite cheap characters?
Happy Haunting!

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