ZOMBIETRONIX Prop Skeleton Calculator Preserved

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Need to make a monster with human proportions? Using PVC for the armature? How will you know what size to cut each piece?

Back in the day, you could find a pretty handy chart at Zombietronix.com. They are gone now, but their legacy shambles on. Here is the chart they offered to all who visited:
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I created a calculator based on this chart so anyone can enter the total height of their zombie in inches or centimeters and get very good measurements for making a PVC armature. My Exel file has been added to this post for you to download. Just type your creature's total height in inches or centimeters into the purple fields:
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My calculator is not 100% identical to the old Zombietronix measurements. Sometimes 15/16" is rounded up to 1", for example. Humans are not precisely proportioned and neither are humanoid monsters.

By using the calculator, you can calculate how much PVC you need for each monster.

Having a calculator like this also gives you the tools to make inhuman proportions. Apelike monsters have shorter legs and longer arms. Slenderman type creatures are longer in both arms and legs. You get the picture.

Happy haunting!
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