Dark Ambience by Svarte Greiner

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Sure, you've heard of Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana. They are wonderful groups that make excellent music for haunts and other "dark entertainment".

But have you heard of Svarte Greiner?

Svarte Greiner is a dark ambient project by Erik Knive Skodvin, half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, formed in 2005 in Oslo, Norway. Erik/Svarte lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He labels his music as “acoustic doom”. He utilizes both field recordings and computer generated sounds when producing his music.

Some of his pieces actually do have recognizable musical elements in it, but most sounds like it was composed specifically to make people feel uneasy. Listen to this piece, which sounds like it was composed entirely on an Apprehension Engine:

The debut album, Knive, was released in 2006. His second album, Kappe, in 2009. Svarte Greiner is a founder of Miasmah Recordings.

For your convenience I, your humble servant, have found and linked here a playlist of Svarte Greiner, which you may find useful as background for your haunt. Happy haunting!