Horror Bust Mod

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I came across one of those busts sold for girls to practice hair and makeup on. Something similar to this:

I took some pictures of the real one, but my camera is acting odd lately and several photos were seriously overexposed. Anyway, it was 99¢ and it had eyes I could remove, not just painted on. So, I got the doll for those eyes.
Having removed the eyes, I decide to proceed to try something with the bust. I decided to widen the mouth a'la Heath Ledger's Joker. The same X-Acto knife that I used to harvest the eyes helped me there.
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The cut was pretty good, but I wanted to make it gape wider, like this:
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To make this happen, I threaded a needle and put a knot in one end of the thread. Then I strung it from ear to ear - going through the head. Once done, I pinched the face together and tied a knot in the other end. This would allow the thread to hold the mouth open and change the profile of the head a bit.
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I painted the inside of the head flat black.
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The next step was the real experiment. I painted the entire head with a spray-on knockdown drywall texture. I was looking for a texture that suggested rot. Drywall texture may not look like rot on your wall, but I had a feeling it would on a face/body.
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I stood way back and used the lightest setting, so I could control how much went on. Truth be told, the first time it was way too thick, so I wiped it all off and went again.

Once it was dry, I painted the whole thing with white paint. Between the texture and the paint, I figured the thread keeping the mouth open would be hidden well enough.
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Once that was all done, it was just a matter of finishing the paint. I did a wash of brown to bring out the texture.
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I decided to go with bloodied eyes and mouth. I used my own "infra-ded" color for that. I did a wash of that on the chest, and added a black wash to the shoulders, with another brown wash to blend it.

I added a little water dirtied with black acrylic paint, then I sealed the whole thing and voilą! A horror bust.

Tell me what you think, or share what you have made!

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