Zombified Minnie Mouse

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I happened to have a cute little Minnie Mouse come into my possession:

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So, I decide to zombify it. It's not a terribly elaborate mod.
I started by cutting the eye out with an X-Acto knife.
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I din't want just a hole into her head, so I used my old standby. I mixed glue and water in a 1:1 mix and tore some cotton from a cotton ball. I mixed it all up and crammed it in the eye socket so when it dried, there would be "flesh" in there.
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I also used the knife to carve some gashes into her face leading into the missing eye. Naturally, I painted the "flesh" in the eye socket black to start.

Then, I just used paint to grunge her up. I painted each of the white dots on her dress a different color. I did that just because I thought it made it weirder.
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I used layers of dry brushed black, brown, and red to grunge up the cress, shoes, gloves and face. Anything that was supposed to be recently wounded I painted red. I also decided one of her hands would be covered in red blood. I used the cotton and glue trick to make flesh hanging from her mouth, as if she had been interrupted in the act of eating Goofy's flesh.

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I sealed everything once the paint had dried, of course.

So that's it. A simple transformation from regular Minnie to Zombie Minnie.