Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 2

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Last time, I left the doll parts drying. Now they are all dry and ready for paint. There are any number of paint options. For this project, I started by giving all the parts a black base coat.
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To help the next layers "pop" more clearly, I decide to do a dry brush of white right over the black. I find, when putting colors right on the black, it is easy to muddy them.
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I wanted to do this doll in blues. It seems to me like green is too often used, and blue is the color of suffocation. So, blue. I started by dry brushing the blue over the white.
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I repeated the dry brushing with ever lighter shades of blue. Also, with each shade I used a drier and drier brush. I reassembled the parts and experimented with the pose until I decided on one. At this point I realized doing the limbs separately was more trouble than it was worth. So, I posed the doll, then I covered the joints with the paper and glue and painted them to match the rest.
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After everything was dried, I went over the whole piece with spray on sealer. Then I stretched some artificial cobwebs over it to make it appear disused and haunted.

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So, there it is. The finished project. What do you think?