Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 1

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Thought I'd document how I made this little dolly:
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First, I started with this doll from a yard sale. The body and limbs are all plastic. The head is rubber.
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The next thing I did was to separate all the limbs. This is not strictly necessary, especially if you know the pose you want the final doll to be in. Still, this is what I did.
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To give the doll texture, I mixed PVA glue and water 50/50. Then I used a chip brush to paint the glue on the doll parts and applied toilet paper to them. I dipped the brush in the glue and painted it over the paper, adding wrinkles as I went.
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Next was the head. I started with a layer just like the limbs.
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To give an "expression", I added some layers using cotton balls and the glue mix.
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Left all the separate pieces to dry thoroughly before beginning to paint.
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It's not difficult, it just takes some time to get the hang of it. Next time I'll got over how I painted and finished it.

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