Random Thoughts

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I tend to lean to the theoretical. I was told in a high school class I was very abstract and should be more "concrete". Maybe. Still, when I see interesting pictures, I like to imagine how they might be re-created in real life, in real time. Of course, for the purposes of this forum, I think how they might be useful in a haunt. I usually end up thinking more in terms of atmosphere and story, rather than pop scares. Here are a few random thoughts inspired by stuff I found on the web.

This one I find interesting because I think it would be an interesting prop. It would not be hard to paint portions of a skull black and the rest white to make an image like the one in the photo. What I think might be more interesting is if the blackout portions were not actually black, but were painted with a UV blocker like sunblock. Then, the skull could appear normal under white light, but only the unshielded portions would appear under black light. That might be cool. People walk into the room and see a skull on a pedestal. Maybe it makes a noise to get their attention. Then the lights go out and black lights come on and it's a question mark. It would have to have some relevance to the room or story, but I'm just thinking of the effect. The white parts could be enhanced with phosphorescent paint to really make them pop.

This is interesting to me. It's one of those perspective drawings that makes 2-D look like 3-D. It seems like it might be cool to have an actor in a "box" like this. Maybe it would be a distraction, or maybe the performer would jump out of the box. Maybe both - to give another actor a chance to get into position?

This would be pretty simple to recreate as a prop. The pole would be the support and the prop would appear to float. As a character with an actor it would be more difficult, but do=able. One way would be similar to the prop idea. The pole of the scythe would be sturdy steel sung into a slab or welded to a big steel sheet. Coming off the pole and into the actor's sleeve would be another steel arm that is, in turn, welded to a seat. The actor could sit there with the cloth hanging down, appearing to have no legs and to be suspended in the air. This is actually an old trick that Indian fakirs have used for centuries.

Another idea would be the use of mirrors, so the actor simply stands behind two large mirrors joined in a 90 degree angle. The cloth of the costume would cover the join and the portion of the body above the mirrors would appear to be floating.

Do you have any images that have inspired your builds, or have given ideas you would like to create>