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Hello , i just found this site yesterday and i am very excited..
I have been an amateur Haunter for roughly 7 years and looking forward to this year as number 8 ..
Last year i really stepped up my Haunt and built walls and created more props , i have a small budget so I've been using leftover items from previous years and turning them into something new..
I haven't quite figured out how to post pictures yet for i am not technically savvy..
I am in the Chandler area so anyone who is willing to reach out and help me figure this out would be welcome



  1. JustJimAZ's Avatar
    Welcome, AZMauler! Az for photos, personally I use the albums feature. Go to your profile and scroll down. On the left you should see "Albums". When you click "more", it takes you to a page where you can create an album of photos. You can them link to those photos in your posts.
    Another way is to look at the buttons at the top of your post while writing it. You should see a picture of a tree. When you click on that, it allows you to upload one picture from your computer right into your post.
    Of course, this is all for a computer. If you are doing everything on a mobile phone, I cannot help with that.
    We have a meetup at HeatSync Labs in Mesa on April 20 at 11 AM. Come meet some haunters and I'm sure we can help you out with your photos as well.