Make and Takes - Part Art, Construction, and Insanity.

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We occasionally get questions on the "Make and Takes" that are offered by Az Haunters. What is a make and take you ask? In simple terms it's a gathering of like minded Halloween enthusiasts that create a project with the help of an instructor, and then take the results home with them. Sometimes this can be as simple as an led light in a pvc pipe (think safe flickering candles for your home haunt folks!) or as complex as an articulated moving prop with all the bells and whistles like audio or motion detection. We try to host our make and takes at least once a month, but occasionally will miss one due to scheduling conflicts or availability of a volunteer instructor. The smaller projects we have you work on are sometimes subsidized by the club, the more involved and expensive builds we ask you to purchase your own materials and bring them to the class.

It's a fun environment to learn, make new friends and just hang out with other fans of Halloween. Even in the off season!

Please consider joining us, I guarantee you will be entertained, amused, and will go home with something that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors!

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Happy Haunting!

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