Kaiju Inspiration

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The weird skeletal body juxtaposed with wings of light made me start to think how this might be achieved live on a stage (which is what a haunt is).

First thought - project the wings of light from behind. The monster would stand in front of them, animated as a marionette, or perhaps simply a skeleton on a stick. The stick could be affixed to the back and extend through the wall. A slit could be cut in the wall so the skeleton could at least be raised up and down. Maybe even rotated.

Second thought - project from the front. Create a video of the creature crouching, then rising, then flying. The little movie covers about 2/3 of the wall. 1/3 is left in darkness. All the lights go out. Then we see the wings appear on the 1/3 that was previously dark. Whether projected from the front or rear, it makes no difference. The lights come up enough to see the body - which is an actor in a suit, who then attacks! Bonus points: The actor is actually on a stand about 18" off the ground when revealed, and LEAPS!

I know, someone will want to tell me about 20,000 safety guidelines. Whatever. It would be cool, no?