It's 渋み, Charlie Brown!

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Can I just take a moment to say what a genius idea the costumes in this pic are?

The characters are trick or treating n basically a sheet and mask. It was probably an invention to simplify the animation. Yet, it really is a great idea! Nothing I have seen in photographs or movies leads me to believe this was a common practice. I've seen photos of people celebrating Hallowe'en for the past 100 years, and something resembling this has only cropped up in one or two photos.
Here's one ostensibly from Germany in 1938. I'm pretty sure Trick or Treat was NOT a thing in Germany pre-WWII. These people are probably going to a party.
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Take any mask and any white sheet. Wear the white sheet like a robe, and BAM! Total body coverage, essentially unrestricted movement, and of course, it's highly visible to everyone even in the dark.

It's at least as good as - and more comfortable than - the Ben Cooper plastic smocks with the characters printed on them.

And BTW - what's with the ghost wearing the coonskin cap? Is he the ghost of Daniel Boone? Because that, too, is genius!

I'm all for elaborate and cool costumes. I'm the guy that dressed up in snow chains to complete my ghoul costume, and the guy who built my son an Optimus Prime costume that actually DID transform. Halloween is a chance to be endlessly creative. However, let's not forget that in the mind of a child, they can become the thing. It takes very little in the way of outward props for that to happen.

What's with the title of this blog? Shibumi (渋み) (noun), is a Japanese word which refers to a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. While a green witch mask may not exactly be subtle, I believe Mr. Schultz demonstrated the brilliance in simplicity.