Meow Wolf

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I had the chance to visit/experience Meow Wolf in Santa Fe a couple months back. Meow Wolf is an immersive experience that has been billed as "the ultimate psychedelic playground". It's a 22,000 square foot warehouse filled with bizarre imagery and unusual architecture. There is a story behind it, which you can either sense as you walk through, or actively ferret out through the meticulously designed props (a newspaper form that world, television programs playing on the tube, photo albums, a diary or two, newspaper clippings, it just keeps going...)

The coolest part about the whole thing, I think, is that you are free to touch, play with, climb on, or climb through just about anything. Yes, you can open the refrigerator and walk through it and into a surreal portal room. You can crawl into the dryer and end up in another room, or go into the closet and find yourself in a hallway. Play music on the bones of a mammoth. Basically, do what you like. If something is not meant to be opened, it cannot be.

This is another immersive experience with no actors. You tell yourself as much or as little of the story as you like. Stay as long as you like.

There is another Meow Wolf installation in Las Vegas. Anyone up for a trip?