Ghostly Lady Build

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Here's one approach to making a lovely ghostie for your haunt.

This project started with a mannequin torso.

A stand is made from lumber, add a foam head, pop an old shirt over her and pose the arms just so...

Isn't she looking lovely?

A little aluminum foil protects the foam head from the fiberglass resin used in this step. The resin will stiffen up the fabric and make this hard like a statue.

Once the resin sets, the head can be removed.

The resin can be painted whatever color you like. Here's a nice coat of gray. Always remember to "wash" with black or brown to age it as you like!

A PVC candle with a bolt sticking out the back and into the torso makes a nice "floating" effect.

Thanks to Pete Della Rocca!

Happy haunting!