• Build a Shiatsu Massager Zombie!

    Saturday, May 19, learn a great way to add animation to your haunt.

    For this make and take we'll focus on putting together the basic understructure and how to control the motion. How you "skin" your creation will be up to you.

    What you'll need:
    -Shiatsu messager - the neck ones work best, but I've seen the others used equally effectively. Check garage sales, goodwill, and other resale stores. You are looking for something like this: Name:

    -A few feet of PVC pipe with a handful of 90 and 45 connectors. The diameter of the PVC will be determined by what Shiatsu you get. When you take off the fabric covering you will see the massager posts, covered by hard plastic knobs. You can either find PVC that fits over these knobs, or take them off and find something that will fit over the bare posts.
    -vinyl strapping tape or long screws or cord or other items that will help you contain the movement. This truly is experimental determined by what kind of movement you are looking for. I will have a supply of things with me that we can share.
    -Optional: a wig head or skull, something to put the top to get a feel for your creature.

    Brought to you by Spideranne!