• We moved!

    Around 4 years ago, we purchased a Ning membership and found a nice little home on the web. We had a great time there, made many new friends, and felt pretty comfortable. Well, we decided we needed a few more features and something a little cheaper to operate. We decided on another platform, which meant moving to another server. It has many of the features we left on Ning, and quite a few more available as we grow.

    We sincerely hope you'll make the move with us! We will try to bring over what we can in the way of data, but ultimately it's you that will be missed if you don't come along.

    We will no doubt have a few hiccups along the way, but we promise to take a look if you let us know about them.

    Thank you for sticking with us, and helping to make AZHaunters.com a true "haunted community!"

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