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    Horror Photography Workshop

    Many haunters would like to get better pictures of their haunt - to capture the true essence of the vibe.

    It's not only difficult to do, being that they are pretty dark,... read more
    JustJimAZ 04-09-2018, 12:34 PM
  • Welcome to AZHaunters.com

    The AZHaunters.com website is an online community of individuals of all ages that have come together to learn, share, and celebrate Halloween Haunting. We are based in Arizona, with members checking in from all corners of the state. Our numbers grow around Halloween every year, but as of this post we have around 200 members.

    We gather together in person and online to share prop making techniques and ideas, chat about our favorite holiday, and help each other out with Halloween plans. Our forum gets very active in September and October, but you can usually find members hanging out anytime of the year. We also try to hold one of our "Make & Takes" once a month. This is where you attend one of our classes in person and actually learn how to construct a Halloween prop. (and then take it home!)

    Membership is free, and we welcome both home haunters and professionals.

    If you are interested in joining, please click the "Register" button up top, you'll be glad you did!