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  1. High Spirits #11

    It's been a while.... as things settle back to normal after the holidays, my strange sense of humor returns.

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  2. Make and Takes - Part Art, Construction, and Insanity.

    We occasionally get questions on the "Make and Takes" that are offered by Az Haunters. What is a make and take you ask? In simple terms it's a gathering of like minded Halloween enthusiasts that create a project with the help of an instructor, and then take the results home with them. Sometimes this can be as simple as an led light in a pvc pipe (think safe flickering candles for your home haunt folks!) or as complex as an articulated moving prop with all the bells and whistles like audio ...
  3. AZ Haunter Awards Tombstone Trophies

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    Sometime in 2018 the decision was made to have a contest among AZ Haunters to recognize their dedication to the art of haunting. The details and results can be read HERE and HERE.

    To have a contest, we needed a prize. But, what kind of trophy would be suitable? Some kind of skeleton to put on the mantle, perhaps? A Jack o' Lantern? Maybe a certificate? I decided to make tombstones as prizes/trophies so the winners could display them with pride. ...
  4. Equal but Opposite

    Long ago in the dark ages, I was taught that one one can achieve similar results through opposite actions.

    For example, one is equally blinded by total darkness as by brilliant light. In a haunt, this is evident by the "blackout" and "whiteout" haunts. In a blackout haunt (or section of a haunt), all light is carefully blocked. In the absolute ...
  5. Haunted House or House of Horror?

    One of the joys of writing a blog no one reads is I can ponder what I like. Something that has been on my mind a lot the past few months is why so many "haunts" are not actually haunt related.

    For my own purposes, I would define "haunted" as not merely inhabited by ghosts, but also anything with a supernatural bent. Hallowe'en is, after all, supposed to be a night when the veil between the natural and supernatural is at its most permeable. Witches and necromancers ...
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