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Not Halloween?

  1. Haunter new to AZ

    Hello, Halloween community,
    I've just recently moved to Phoenix, AZ and I'm looking for a new Haunt Family.
    I love Halloween and have been working production and scaring for the past 10 plus years from my own home haunt to commercial.
    Any tips on places looking for monsters and creative/fabrication jobs would be awesome. I've looked into Fear Farm and Thirteenth Floor out here and would love a shot working with them. I'm sure there's more to look into so any help would ...
  2. High Spirits #11

    It's been a while.... as things settle back to normal after the holidays, my strange sense of humor returns.

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  3. William Shatner performs Rudolph!

    I didn't think William Shatner could get any better after he sang Rocket Man, but the bar has just been raised.... enjoy!

    I give you Rudolph sung by Captain Kirk!

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  4. High Spirits #9

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  5. High Spirits #4

    I'm enjoying these, are you?

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