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  1. Tombstone Thunderbird

    The Town Too Tough to Die is a town of legends, but did you also know it's a town with its own, strange mystery too?

    On April 26, 1890, the Tombstone Epitaph (Links to Library of Congress Archive) ran a story one would hardly begin to believe was true... yet the story of the Tombstone Thunderbird has endured over 100 years. The story as printed in the paper reads as follows:

    A Strange Winged Monster Discovered and Killed on the Huachuca
  2. How to Make a How-To, Part 3

    The third and final installment of my humble offering to help the hesitant write great tutorials!

    Step 7: The Missteps

    It has been said that the intelligent learn from their own mistakes, and the wise learn from the mistakes of others. It has also been said that the only people who get to erase their mistakes are the ones writing their autobiography. Well, did you want to write ...
  3. High Spirits #2

    Continuing with this series...

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  4. The Not-So-Famous Earp Brother

    Any Arizonan worth their salt has heard of Morgan, Virgil, and Wyatt Earp (If you haven't heard of them, let's fix that!)-- but have you ever heard of Warren Baxter Earp? There's a reason for that. He was the youngest Earp brother, and he was known for trying to emulate Wyatt. Like his brothers, Warren was also the typical lawman type of that era; but what I've heard about this brother is that he came off too cocky and over-confident, and he picked fights he couldn't handle and had to be bailed ...

    Updated 06-06-2018 at 10:05 PM by Jadewik (Forgot to write what happened to Boyett)

  5. High Spirits #1

    Trying out some comic software...

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