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  1. 20 Hour Experiment Day 14

    I knew going in this was going to be rough, but I figure i'm almost halfway through this experiments and I'd better start trying to do faces, since that's a big part of what I want to be able to draw. Not only is a face in my target picture, but I'd like to be able to draw character concepts.

    I followed a couple of tutorials on drawing faces. Both focus on getting the proportions right rather than details.
    Both followed the familiar "draw a circle and ...
  2. 20 Hour Experiment Day 13

    Switched to a simpler candlestick. Then I added a skull.

    I actually think I am getting worse? Maybe it's just not my day.

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    Here's my subject:
    Name:  20200523_080054[1].jpg
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    What did you do today?

    Happy haunting!
  3. 20 Hour Experiment Day 12

    I thought I'd start with yesterday's picture and just continue it this time, trying to find all the shapes and shadows to add some depth to those teeth.

    I think some of them work.

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    What did you do today?

    Happy Haunting!
  4. 20 Hour Experiment Day 11

    I decided to do a new drawing of the same JoL today. This is what I got done in 35 minutes after warm-ups:
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    This is the angle I was looking at this time:
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    I noticed I am taking more time in the warm-ups than before. I think I will be more diligent about keeping them to 5 minutes. Still, my lines and ellipsis are getting more accurate, I think.

    A complex drawing like this will clearly ...
  5. 20 Hour Experiment Day 10

    Well, I burned through my 45 minute practice session and really did not even get 1/2 way through my JoL.

    Here's what I got done:

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    Here's what I was looking at:

    Name:  20200518_061605.jpg
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    I guess the moral of the story is that even if I do get skilled enough to do a reasonable sketch of my target photo, it will probably take me much longer than 45 minutes to complete.

    So ...
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