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  1. Shake it Up!

    Does your haunt run for multiple nights, and you are looking for a reason for guests to come back? Do you just want to do something different this year without redesigning everything? Maybe you just need to shake it up!

    I'm not talking about a rewrite. I'm not even talking about making any major changes. Just something relatively quick and easy that will make patrons say "oh, that sounds ...

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  2. The Drawing Board Part 6 - Making a change

    In the spirit of the New Year, I thought I'd touch on changes.

    You've gotten your haunt up and running. You're having a pretty good time with it, but now you want to "level up". What are you going to do?

    You could go all the way back to the beginning. Start all over from scratch and hope it works out.

    Another idea is to look at what you have and ask some basic questions: ...
  3. Tearing Down Walls

    What if there were no walls defining scenes?
    A huge warehouse, pitch black.
    Lights in each scene ONLY on the props/actors.
    First scene lights up, maybe a scare, then lights go out and another scene a few feet away lights up. Path is illuminated. Noises from the dark behind.
    With planning, scenes could be far apart, paths could double back.
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    Gray areas are not traveled by patrons, so actors can use them.

  4. Engulfed Guest Scare

    This is just an idea that popped into my head. In a haunt, what if one of the walls was composed of brushes angled away from the guests, like a fish trap?

    The wall is actually part of a 3 sided room on a track. You push the wall forward and walls some along with it. When extended, the guest has been swallowed up by the wall, and is now in an alternate corridor. ...
  5. A Scare is Just a Scare - Bruce Lee's Tao of the Scare

    I am always thinking of how things are interconnected, how fundamental principles apply. In haunting, I have heard several haunt owners declare that the "patrons are the enemy". It is a battle to dominate the patron to a desired end - scaring the fluids out of them.

    In developing and teaching 截拳道 - Jeet Kune Do - Bruce Lee espoused 5 ways ...
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