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  1. Into the Silents

    2020 looms large on the horizon and many of the first motion pictures ever made are now either over or approaching a century old.

    With a century of movies to choose from, and so many of those being modern horror, why should modern haunters watch horror (or other movies) from the silent era?
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  2. Halloween question

    i have a question?
    going to the AZ haunted meet and greet event on 28th of this month. but i have never really done anything Halloween. what would someone recommend i would need because i don't know. would i need a costume or what.
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  3. hi

    hi new to this. and anything Halloween. hopefully i like this
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  4. ZOMBIETRONIX Prop Skeleton Calculator Preserved

    Need to make a monster with human proportions? Using PVC for the armature? How will you know what size to cut each piece?

    Back in the day, you could find a pretty handy chart at They are gone now, but their legacy shambles on. Here is the chart they offered to all who visited:
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    I created a calculator based on this chart so anyone can enter the total height of their zombie in inches or centimeters and get very good ...

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  5. Haunter new to AZ

    Hello, Halloween community,
    I've just recently moved to Phoenix, AZ and I'm looking for a new Haunt Family.
    I love Halloween and have been working production and scaring for the past 10 plus years from my own home haunt to commercial.
    Any tips on places looking for monsters and creative/fabrication jobs would be awesome. I've looked into Fear Farm and Thirteenth Floor out here and would love a shot working with them. I'm sure there's more to look into so any help would ...
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