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  1. Have Heroes Outside of Haunting

    Magician Brian Brushwood once wrote an email to his hero Teller of Penn & Teller.

    Teller wrote back a very thoughtful and interesting reply, which included this:
    "Have heroes outside of magic. Mine are Hitchcock, Poe, Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Bach. You're welcome to borrow them, but you must learn to love them yourself for your own reasons. Then they'll push you in the right direction."

    I'll leave you to decide for yourself how those particular ...
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  2. Purr Goddess bath & soaps by nat

    Hello Everyone I'm new to this group. I wanted to share my shop Purr Goddess bath & soaps by nat with you all. I do soaps, bath bombs, whipped soaps, sugar scrubs and all other body care. My link for my shop is Name:  Screenshot_20200413-151742_Gallery.jpg
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    The photo is of one of my Adult Wednesday Shea Butter soap Scented in Lavender & Vanilla

    Updated 04-13-2020 at 03:37 PM by Badwolfrose

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  3. Dark Artist Scott Radke

    For Your Consideration.

    Cleveland-based artist Scott Radke creates creepy sculptures from clay, fabric and human hair, inspired by his subconscious imagery and influenced by nature.

    Radke has experimented with various ...
  4. The Hopps Approach to Characters

    I have mentioned that Allen Hopps has said how he develops haunts based on place, characters, and situation.

    Master Hopps, naturally, does more than just decide what kinds of characters he has based on the place. He assigns them roles. Specifically, in Dark Hour, Allen has said he has a chief antagonist, minions, and enemies (or from our perspective, protagonists).

    The ...
  5. Into the Silents

    2020 looms large on the horizon and many of the first motion pictures ever made are now either over or approaching a century old.

    With a century of movies to choose from, and so many of those being modern horror, why should modern haunters watch horror (or other movies) from the silent era?
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