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  1. Don't Fear the Reaper!

    He's here to help you along...

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  2. The Sound of Silence

    Have you ever been in a quiet place? A really, really quiet place - no hum form the AC, no birds or planes or water or wind? It's weird and it's unnatural. Perfect!
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    Creating real silence is hard. Companies spend thousands to build anechoic chambers where the ambient sound in the empty room is actually NEGATIVE 4 decibels. No noise creeps in from the outside world and what sound is made in the room is completely absorbed by the walls. No echo effect ...
  3. Haunted Swap Meet

    Have you gathered your Halloween items for the Haunted Swap Meet? Buy / Sell / Trade

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  4. The Masks of The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

    I was recently made aware of Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow - a Disney movie based on the 1915 Dr. Syn novels of Russell Thorndike.

    The movie is a pretty straightforward Scarlett Pimpernell / Zorro / Green Hornet story of a masked vigilante who is a respectable part of society but is also secretly the wanted man. It's a fine movie for the family to enjoy if you can find it. However, what I loved are the masks and costumes.
    The masks are used by The Scarecrow and his loyal henchmen, ...

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  5. It's Surreal!

    "Nightmares" are a popular them for haunts that want to do everything from clowns to dinosaurs to zombies. They are fun and anything can happen. Still, is that really how nightmares are? In a nightmare, aren't you likely to be in your childhood home when Bigfoot comes out the closet door and chases you over the water to the island, where you hop on your motorcycle and discover the ground is made of marshmallow and you are naked? Or something like that. Maybe it's just me.
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