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  1. Arizona Myths and Legends Part 1

    Many home and pro haunters have woven local history, myth, and urban legend into their stories. Here are some you might consider incorporating yourself!

    Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

    May as well start with the BIG one. So many down on their luck folks have been tempted to spend a few days in the Superstition Mountains to see if they can locate the fabled Lost Dutchman’s gold mine. ...
  2. The Drawing Board Part 5 - Keeping Track of it All

    I previously mentioned haunt designer Scott Swenson.
    At a haunt convention, Scott shared a tool he used as creative director for the Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream event.

    It's a Venue Flow Sheet. Something like this exists for different venues, and it's pretty similar to some business flows too. Scott shared his, and I share it with you.

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    If you are a large haunt with different people in charge of lighting sound, etc., ...
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  3. Dark Ambience by Svarte Greiner

    Sure, you've heard of Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana. They are wonderful groups that make excellent music for haunts and other "dark entertainment".

    But have you heard of Svarte Greiner?

    Svarte Greiner is a dark ambient project by Erik Knive Skodvin, half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, formed in 2005 ...
  4. The Drawing Board Part 4 - Sound Design

    Name:  sound design.PNG
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Size:  988.8 KBBy now, you've decided on your haunt's setting, characters, and situation. Maybe you even used the Theme Generator to help. You've developed a story to guide you and provide some depth for your more astute patrons. You've decided on the scenes that guests will be travelling through.

    What will your haunt SOUND like? This is something I often mention, partly because it's so important, and partly because it's frequently ignored or done poorly.
  5. Arrow Gag

    I happened upon this photo of a sign:

    It reminded me that it would be pretty cool to have a scene in a haunt where arrows are apparently being shot at people and sticking into trees. If it could be timed with a sound effect, so much the better - but the rig should provide plenty of sound ...
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