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  1. Killer Rabbits!

    Wouldn't this be a fun idea for a haunt?!?!

    What is it about this ridiculous camp-fest that is so fun? Who wouldn't want to see giant carnivorous rabbits?

    It would probably be cool to make a video of select scenes - cutting out all the "dialogue" and "plot" - and projecting that onto a wall or screen ...
  2. Haunted Dollhouse

    Haunted house concept: House of broken dolls.

    Every room in the house is full of broken dolls, and of course, actors made up like broken dolls.

    All kinds of dolls.

    Marionettes. Ventriloquist's dummies. Voodoo dolls. Porcelain dolls. Kewpie dolls. Teddy bears. Russian nesting dolls. Paper dolls. Kachina dolls. Corn husk dolls. Rag dolls. ...
  3. The Poor Man's Guide to Animatronics

    A while back I stumbled upon this site in a "Practical Effects" group:


    THIS is a site you really need to check out. It's a labor of love from Brian Poor, who has been working as a designer/fabricator of animatronics for film, television, and theme parks for over 20 years.
  4. Candy Corn

    Place your face to the screen and repeat after me.... I love candy corn, I love candy corn!

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  5. Pumpkinrot's Haunt Theory: Static Props

    Pumpkinrot's Haunt Theory: Static Props

    The following was previously written by Pumpkinrot on his own blog:

    I'm a static prop haunter. I've always been one. Until my site went live back around 2003, I never even knew there was a name for what I did. If your props move or have a spring-action mechanism which activates when they're approached or if your props are powered by ...
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