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  1. Cheap Characters

    You say you need to stretch your haunt budget as far as possible and not spend a fortune on character costumes? You are in luck!

    With a bit of planning, you can create a great haunt with pretty inexpensive costuming!

    Ghosts / Spirits
    You could do a paranormal themed haunt where all the characters are ghosts. No blood or gore, and the makeup is pretty simple. Check out the makeup used in Carnival of Souls for inspiration:


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  2. The Hopps Approach to Characters

    I have mentioned that Allen Hopps has said how he develops haunts based on place, characters, and situation.

    Master Hopps, naturally, does more than just decide what kinds of characters he has based on the place. He assigns them roles. Specifically, in Dark Hour, Allen has said he has a chief antagonist, minions, and enemies (or from our perspective, protagonists).

    The ...
  3. Shake it Up!

    Does your haunt run for multiple nights, and you are looking for a reason for guests to come back? Do you just want to do something different this year without redesigning everything? Maybe you just need to shake it up!

    I'm not talking about a rewrite. I'm not even talking about making any major changes. Just something relatively quick and easy that will make patrons say "oh, that sounds ...

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  4. The Drawing Board Part 6 - Making a change

    In the spirit of the New Year, I thought I'd touch on changes.

    You've gotten your haunt up and running. You're having a pretty good time with it, but now you want to "level up". What are you going to do?

    You could go all the way back to the beginning. Start all over from scratch and hope it works out.

    Another idea is to look at what you have and ask some basic questions: ...