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  1. Latex Mask Making Tips From Allen Hopps

    Allen Hopps posted a series of tips on using latex to make masks a while back. I collected them for you here.

    #1 Dont drink it.

    #2 - Thin your latex with distilled water or ammonia only- the minerals in tap water will cause clumping.

    #3 The best dremel bit for cleaning seams is the felt wheel then you can wipe the rest of the seam away ...
  2. Demented Doll Piece on the CW

    In August we did a Demented Doll make and take and a representative from the CW came by and did a pretty nice piece on it. Check it out here:

    Happy Haunting!
  3. What are You Afraid of?

    Agateophobia - Too late.

    Belonephobia - Ah, the cenobites!

    Coulrophobia - A classic!

    Defecaloesiophobia - With a big enough scare, this is nothing to worry about!

    Entomophobia - Creepy crawly haunt!

    Francophobia - I fart in your general direction!

    Genuphobia - No shorts or skirts allowed in this haunt!

    Homichlophobia - Don't touch that fogger!

    Ideophobia - Hey, I've got an -Aaack! ...
  4. Aging Without the Wait!

    I find when I keep a "beginner's mind" I often gain insight on subjects that I otherwise would assume I "knew" all about. Most of us age our props - or at least sully them. In this video, we see simple techniques for aging that are used to great effect on metal props. In the spirit of keeping a "beginner's mind", I share it.

    I am always looking for stuff like this simply because I never know when someone may think ...
  5. Monsters, Muppets, and Haunting Zen

    Watch out! Its... It's... A MUPPET!

    I love this little video on puppet making from Jim Henson himself. I see haunters as "makers with a theme". While Mr. Henson is clearly NOT creating Halloween themed puppets here, isn't he demonstrating the very essence of what so many of us do?

    In Zen, the concept of "beginner's mind" is central. Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki wrote,?In the beginner's ...
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