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  1. Bloodshot

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    Super quick. I popped the eyes out of a doll and made one of them bloodshot. All I did is take some red thread (yarn would have been easier) and brush it with a wire brush until I got fine red fuzz.
    I painted the white of the eye with wood glue. I like wood glue because it dries a slightly jaundiced yellow.
    Anyway, once the glue was tacky, I laid down the fuzz. I dipped a stiff paintbrush in more glue and painted over the fuzz with that. ...
  2. Horror Bust Mod

    I came across one of those busts sold for girls to practice hair and makeup on. Something similar to this:

    I took some pictures of the real one, but my camera is acting odd lately and several photos were seriously overexposed. Anyway, it was 99 and it had eyes I could remove, not just painted on. So, I got the doll for those eyes.
    Having removed the eyes, I ...

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  3. Zombified Minnie Mouse

    I happened to have a cute little Minnie Mouse come into my possession:

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    So, I decide to zombify it. It's not a terribly elaborate mod.
    I started by cutting the eye out with an X-Acto knife.
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    I din't want just a hole into her head, so I used my old standby. I mixed glue and water in a 1:1 mix and tore some cotton from a cotton ball. I mixed it all up and crammed it in the eye socket ...
  4. Witch Doctor Rattle Mod

    Cruising through the thrift stores, I came across this creepy little thing:
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    It is pretty freaky and weird all on its own, but I thought I could give it a makeover. The base seems like a coconut shell sanded smooth and carved. Both sides have the same carving. The teeth are pieces of paper glued inside. A couple of bottle caps inside make the "rattle".

    I started by replacing the hair with the ...