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  1. DIY "Fireplace"

    Turning a yard sale/thrift store table into a fireplace. Of course, you could make the frame out of lumber if you like.

    The base:

    Add some 1"x4" and 1"x2" ...
  2. William Shatner performs Rudolph!

    I didn't think William Shatner could get any better after he sang Rocket Man, but the bar has just been raised.... enjoy!

    I give you Rudolph sung by Captain Kirk!

    Everything Else
  3. Illusion Idea - Dracula Returns

    Watching House of Frankenstein again, I was considering how to do an illusion from the film in real time before a live audience.

    Specifically, when the stake is pulled from Dracula's skeleton and his body reintegrates before your eyes.

    MY thoughts:

    Dracula's skeleton in a coffin, the stake still through the heart area.
  4. Amazing Makeup Artist

    This is pretty amazing.

  5. Stephen King on Haunting

    As far as I know, Stephen King has never written on the topic of designing a haunted house. He is, of course, considered by many to be the preeminent horror writer in the world. Whether that's true or not, he is certainly extremely successful at weaving spooky tales people love to read.

    If a haunt is a story, should we not at least consider the thoughts of a master storyteller when designing our own show?

    When King wrote "Danse Macabre", he was specifically ...
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