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  1. Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 2

    Last time, I left the doll parts drying. Now they are all dry and ready for paint. There are any number of paint options. For this project, I started by giving all the parts a black base coat.
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    To help the next layers "pop" more clearly, I decide to do a dry brush of white right over the black. I find, when putting colors right on the black, it is easy to muddy them.
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  2. Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 1

    Thought I'd document how I made this little dolly:
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    First, I started with this doll from a yard sale. The body and limbs are all plastic. The head is rubber.
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    The next thing I did was to separate all the limbs. This is not strictly necessary, especially if you know the pose you want the final doll to be in. Still, this is what I did.
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    To give the ...

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  3. Don't Fear the Reaper!

    He's here to help you along...

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  4. The Sound of Silence

    Have you ever been in a quiet place? A really, really quiet place - no hum from the AC, no birds or planes or water or wind? It's weird and it's unnatural. Perfect!
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    Creating real silence is hard. Companies spend thousands to build anechoic chambers where the ambient sound in the empty room is actually NEGATIVE 4 decibels. No noise creeps in from the outside world and what sound is made in the room is completely absorbed by the walls. No echo effect ...

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  5. Haunted Swap Meet

    Have you gathered your Halloween items for the Haunted Swap Meet? Buy / Sell / Trade

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