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  1. Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 2

    Last time, I left the doll parts drying. Now they are all dry and ready for paint. There are any number of paint options. For this project, I started by giving all the parts a black base coat.
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    To help the next layers "pop" more clearly, I decide to do a dry brush of white right over the black. I find, when putting colors right on the black, it is easy to muddy them.
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  2. Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 1

    Thought I'd document how I made this little dolly:
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    First, I started with this doll from a yard sale. The body and limbs are all plastic. The head is rubber.
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    The next thing I did was to separate all the limbs. This is not strictly necessary, especially if you know the pose you want the final doll to be in. Still, this is what I did.
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    To give the ...

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  3. Don't Fear the Reaper!

    He's here to help you along...

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  4. The Sound of Silence

    Have you ever been in a quiet place? A really, really quiet place - no hum form the AC, no birds or planes or water or wind? It's weird and it's unnatural. Perfect!
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    Creating real silence is hard. Companies spend thousands to build anechoic chambers where the ambient sound in the empty room is actually NEGATIVE 4 decibels. No noise creeps in from the outside world and what sound is made in the room is completely absorbed by the walls. No echo effect ...
  5. Haunted Swap Meet

    Have you gathered your Halloween items for the Haunted Swap Meet? Buy / Sell / Trade

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