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  1. Of Light and Shadow

    This week I wanted to share with you a fascinating sequence using light and shadow from Carl Theodore Dreyer's 1932 horror movie Vampyr.

    The two parts I think are most effective are the man climbing the ladder (0:22) and then sitting on guard duty (1:14). It's also pretty cool the way the same shadow apparently climbs through the window (0:11).

    What a great and imaginative use of backlighting and ...
  2. Podcasts! Part Deux

    This is a continuation of yesterday's entry. These are the OTR, makers, and "Others".

    I hope you find a new favorite thing to listen to while building stuff. Please let me know if i missed any of your favorites, and also if any of the links end up dead.

    OTR ...

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  3. Podcasts!

    In my experience, building props is a lonely exercise. Only I can see the images in my head, and often, no one could really help me if they wanted to. In any event, the fam is busy doing other things. So, while I'm making things, sometimes I'm listening to something on netflix or somesuch. Most of the time, though, I am listening to podcasts. They are typically made to be heard rather than seen, so nothing is lost while I am painting or sanding. Or sanding. Or sanding...

    So, ...

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  4. Build a Ghost Phone!

    I saw this and I knew someone out there would have a place for it in their haunt! Seems like an interesting make and take idea.

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a phone ring and when your guests pick it up they get ghostly voices or creepy sounds? Or something really scary like a recording of Judy Garland?

    I was thinking that this obviously need not be limited to a phone - MP3 players inside ...
  5. HAUNTING PROFITABILITY - PART 3 "You have to make a profit!"

    By Leonard Pickel of
    Used with permission.
    Continued from last week...
    So how do we do that? Now this is going to upset several of you, and for that I apologize up front! Please understand. This is my personal belief that there is no right or wrong way to Haunt, and that the following recommendations are just that, recommendations. They are simply Haunting principles that I have seen make Haunts successful in the past! Your particular situation could be quite ...
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