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  1. Aztec Death Whistle

    Maybe you have never heard - or even heard of - this amazing screaming whistle.

    The Aztec death whistle, sometimes described as “the scream of thousand corpses” produces a frightening sound.
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    It was José Luis Franco who published the first (1971) drawings of the death whistle and his family of Mexican “aerophones with springs of air”.
  2. Who's at the Circus?

    A circus theme in a haunt certainly has a lot of potential.

    Beyond clowns, who might populate the circus? Who makes the circus happen?

    Carnies, for sure. The Roadies of the circus/carnival world. Carnies have a pretty unsavory reputation. The usual perception of them seems to be drug and alcohol abusing perverts, possibly pedophiles. Lots of opportunity for creepy carnies both male and female working carnival games, selling cotton candy and toys, whatever.
  3. Purr Goddess bath & soaps by nat

    Hello Everyone I'm new to this group. I wanted to share my shop Purr Goddess bath & soaps by nat with you all. I do soaps, bath bombs, whipped soaps, sugar scrubs and all other body care. My link for my shop is Name:  Screenshot_20200413-151742_Gallery.jpg
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    The photo is of one of my Adult Wednesday Shea Butter soap Scented in Lavender & Vanilla

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    Halloween , Everything Else
  4. Other Ames Illusions

    Here's a fun(?) video of Ames illusions from back in 1951. I think you can find inspiration here, too.

    How would you use these in a haunt?
  5. The Ames Window

    This becomes a real mind bending illusion.
    How would you use it in a haunt?

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