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    You can visit the grave of Jacob Waltz on Tuesdays (or Thurs, I forget)which is located at the Pioneer Military Park Cemetery at 15th Avenue and Harrison Street in downtown Phoenix. Just need to go through the Smirthwaite house, and get someone from the historical society to open the gate for you. While you're there, take time to visit some notable persons-- like the guy who named Phoenix and Tempe.

    Lots of other legends--
    The Ghost Bus of Hwy 93 is a favorite of mine.
    There are also strange disappearances of people, like the park ranger at Faraway Ranch in the chiricahuas.

    ... also know a lot of buried/hidden/forgotten treasure stories... like whatever happened to the money cochise county deputy Burt Alvord stashed after robbing trains?

    Would type more, but posting from the phone is vexing.