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  1. Halloween question

    i have a question?
    going to the AZ haunted meet and greet event on 28th of this month. but i have never really done anything Halloween. what would someone recommend i would need because i don't know. would i need a costume or what.
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  2. A Figment Of Your Imagination

    Now, I've never been to Disneyland or Disney World or any of their properties. I know - shocking and horrifying!
    That doesn't keep me from finding out about some of their rides and the illusions in them, however.

    This one is of a butterfly apparently named Figment in an Epcot Center ride about your imagination:

    So, this is a pretty cool effect that can be used by haunters. In this particular case, ...
  3. Haunted Nursery

    When I heard these instruments, I immediately thought they would be the perfect sound fx for a haunted nursery or haunted house.
    See if you agree.

    Happy Haunting!
  4. hi

    hi new to this. and anything Halloween. hopefully i like this
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  5. FREE sounds

    Sound design is a MAJOR component in an show. Did you know there are excellent legal sources of FREE music and sound online for the taking? Some are public domain, meaning they are out of copyright and you can do as you wish with them. Others are royalty free, so you can use them in your personal haunts but you have to get permission to use them in a money making endeavor.

    Just about anything you need is out there, and with Audacity (also free) or some other editing software, ...
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