1. 2019 Theme

    So I change my theme every year, which can get expensive and take up limited space in my garage. My goal this year is to create a theme I can build on over the years. One I consistently circle back to is a gothic graveyard. Graveyards re so common, which is why i tried to steer from them, so to distinguish mine, I'm going Victorian gothic, with a heavy Poe influence thematically, and to add a personal flair, Steampunk elements. This is something I've been wanting to start for years, but wanted to ...
  2. Halloween 2018 - Spirits Rising

    This is about the time I decide on my theme - it takes about 6 months for me to narrow choices and finalize. I didn't want to do any major builds this year since we might move, so a lot of light play and ambiance. List of scenes include:
    - hooded figures around an ember pit
    - cocooned figures hanging from tree with large jumping spider prop, this is the only animated prop this year.
    - 2 window projections
    - 1 figure projection
    - blacklight face wall/ webbing in ...
  3. Weeping Widow

  4. Testing Projector on new material

    test on black window screen
  5. Inner Saloon Test

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