1. Clown Hunter

    The oddity in the picture sparked an idea. I have heard of vampire hunters, witch ...
    Tags: clown, creepy, hunter
  2. Interesting use of Pepper's Ghost - burning under water

    An impossible candle, burning while under water.
  3. Dark Artist Scott Radke

    For Your Consideration.

    Cleveland-based artist Scott Radke creates creepy sculptures from clay, fabric and human hair, inspired by his subconscious imagery and influenced by nature.

    Radke has experimented with various ...
  4. Tips from the Web

    Sometimes the "hacks" posted on the web actually prove to be interesting for haunters. Here are a few I think you might like:

    Stuff an old tissue box with shopping bags. I often use these bags for garbage, of course. I also use them for painting sometimes. This seems like a nice way to keep them convenient and neat.
    Name:  Untitled-design-9-66145.jpg
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    Did you know you can connect two ziplock bags to make a double size bag? You turn one inside out, then ...
  5. Fright Masks! Crooked Crow

    Masks! Quicker than makeup, funny or spooky, and generally fun!
    Everyone loves the extremely detailed "hero" masks made out of silicone or even latex. These are great for characters that will be interacting in the queue line or on TV spots. If you're just using it in a darkened room where it will be visible for mere seconds, you want something that makes an impression QUICK, right?
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